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There are times when regular cleanings aren’t enough to keep your smile in good shape. At Oxford Dental Group, we offer a number of restorative dental procedures, should any oral health issues arise.

Visit our Oxford, CT dentist office for your restorative dental care. Whether you need to fill a cavity or replace missing teeth, our team of experts can help you get your healthy smile back.

Dental Fillings

A build-up of bacteria, bad brushing habits, and even just genetics can cause you to develop tooth decay, or cavities. When a cavity occurs, our team must remove that decay and fill the space left behind with a filling, typically a composite, or tooth-colored, one. This filling not only replaces the tooth structure that was lost due to the decay, but also provides protection against future issues.

Root Canal Therapy

When the internal portion of a tooth becomes compromised, bacteria can infiltrate the roots of teeth, causing an infection. To effectively treat the tooth, we conduct a root canal procedure. The root canal procedure requires us to create a small hole in the tooth, so we can access the tooth pulp and root canals. We clean out the infection, fill the tooth, and seal the hole. To complete the procedure, we top the tooth with a durable dental crown to give additional strength and protection.

During a root canal, we use local anesthetic to numb the immediate area. If you need additional sedation, talk with our team before your procedure. Your comfort is a top priority to us.

Dental Crowns

Also known as a cap, a dental crown fits over the top of a tooth to protect it from damage. We may recommend a dental crown if you have a chipped tooth, a large filling, a worn down tooth, or other issues that may cause a tooth to become weak or vulnerable. To ensure that your crown fits properly, we take an impression of the tooth to create the crown and check the fit thoroughly before cementing into place. Our dental crowns are made of a composite resin and are tooth-colored, so they’ll blend in with the rest of your smile. 

Dental Bridges

When you have one or more teeth missing in a row, we can fill the gap with the help of a dental bridge. This dental appliance consists of three components: crowns on the two neighboring teeth and a false tooth or teeth to fill the gap. By using dental bridges, we can prevent the shifting of adjacent teeth, thereby ensuring the health, function, and beauty of your smile.


Dentures are one of the best solutions for patients who are missing most or all of their teeth. At Oxford Dental Group, we offer both partial and full dentures, depending on your smile needs.

  • Partial dentures are best for people who still have some teeth remaining. Partial dentures fit around the remaining natural teeth, with false teeth taking the place of the missing teeth. We use metal clasps or attachments to secure them in place. 
  • Traditional full dentures are used when all teeth are missing. Dentures consist of a polymer base that fits snugly over your gums and a full set of artificial teeth.

Both types of dentures offer wearers benefits including preventing the facial muscles from sagging, keeping remaining natural teeth from shifting, and allowing the wearer to enjoy their favorite foods again.

Restore Your Smile, Reclaim Your Confidence

Our goal is to make sure that you always have strong, healthy teeth. If you need restoration work to get your teeth back to full health, our friendly team will help design and execute the treatment plan that’s right for you. Call today to schedule your appointment.

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